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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Skaters Night Out: We all started out as Minnies!

Welcome fellow skating enthusiasts,

today, I want to talk about the transition from passive to active fandom. Those of us who love skating but have never really skated before probably know what I mean. We may have been avid followers for a long time, but never really had the means, proper conditions or even the awareness to have entered the sport at a younger age, i.e. our childhood or youth. As we are advancing in age, there comes a time when we may want to go beyond mere armchair watching and follow our idols out onto the ice to fulfill our own dreams of skating glory. 

Taking a conscious decision of our own free will, we likely are highly motivated and can also rely on disciplining ourselves instead of being driven by outside forces. We also only ever need one size of skates for the rest of our lives (well, almost). That’s the good news. The bad news is, if you belong to the target audience of this post, you’ll have missed out on 2 decades of training and have a lot of catching up to do. Add to that a reduction in agility and flexibility and, of course, the reduced capabilities to develop motor skills, and you have the perfect example of a late blooming adult skater. Such as I!

 Remember? We all started out as Minnies!

This (hopefully frequently) recurring column will feature stories, insights and ideas that come directly from the glamorous world of adult skating. I can only hope to have gathered your interest for future instalments, and if you want to share your own stories and thoughts, I more than welcome you to comment on this post. It’s always appreciated. See you on the ice...

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