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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Busting Skating Myths: Slaughter on 10th Avenue

Remember two season's ago when Rachael Flatt chose Slaughter on 10th Avenue for her Long Programme? No? Never mind, just note that the general response was that she would probably hardly win a thing with that music. Why? Well, while not a bad choice in itself, apparently, there was one of those skating curses attached to it because there had never been a skater who won a competition skating to that music. The skating world is full of superstition but, lo and behold, that season Rachael Flatt did, indeed, not win a competiton with that Long Programme, which begs the question: Is there some substance to this curse after all?

The answer is: No! Even more so because the curse didn't even exist in the first place. It didn't?
No siree, and allow me to present irrefutable proof directly from the halcyon figure skating days of more than two decades ago:

Evelyn Großmann at the 1990 European Championships in her gold-winning performance. It doesn't matter that the whole competiton did, to put it mildly, under-perform on that day. The fact stands that skating history saw a skater winning with that very piece of music. Case closed.

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