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Saturday, December 1, 2012

From the Desk of Mr. Y. Speed - Memo Nr. 65248b

Memo Nr. 65248b - Concerning new proposal to further monetary savings and attraction of the sport.

Dear Members,

let me commence this memorandum by first submitting the very good news that our sport is undergoing a phase of boom and raising popularity. However, this excellent development also correlates with the number of active participants in the sport. We are all, of course, aware of the problems intertwined with those raising numbers. Namely the increase of costs in all sectors of our expenses. It is clear that the priority arises for immediate measures to be taken.

So far we have succeeded in this and also improved the attraction of the sport by providing a clearer structure of competition through the combination of the compulsory dance and the original dance into the short dance. In this year, we also introduced novel minimum TES-scores of a higher threshold in order to be met by any prospective participant in the championships resulting in a reduced number of possible entrants which will enhance our savings greatly.

However, we cannot arrest the innovations undertaken so far with the above mentioned steps, further progress needs to be developed in those areas to be taken care of. Let me illuminate you on the advancements to be introcuded in a promptly fashion.

1. In any discipline the short and long programme will be summarised into the so called intermediate programme, which carries over half the technical requirements from the short programme and combines them with the freedom of the long programme. The result of which will be a trimmed and more interesting competition of equal parts technical proficiency and artistic license to be held in the course of one day. This approach guarantuees an event of the most exiting nature and is surely to gain maximum audience attention over a short period of time while reducing costs to a bare minimum of what we can ultimately afford.

2. These measures will be accompanied by further reduction in official personal pertaining to the event. The number of judges will be reduced to 3 with the highest and lowest numbers cut from the deciding scores. The technical panel will be reduced to one specialist of high efficency to accomodate all needed tasks to the greatest satisfaction. These constellations will ensure a balanced arbitration of the results and a clear dedication to our quest in reducing the financial burdens to benefit everyone.

3. There will also only be one Zamboni machine on the ice at any time.

With these measures we can all rest assured that the future of skating remains with the brightest prospects and the highest compromise has been determined between time, effort and reward to give the best to this sport in the years to come.

Y. Speed

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