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Saturday, June 1, 2013

From the Desk of Mr. Y. Speed: TV coverage - A new audio-visual Agenda

Dear Members, Fans, Skaters, and Officials,

a long time ago, I concluded to myself that the key to success is information and in logical conclusion the conveyance of it. I have since tried to excogitate ideas on how this can find application in our broadcasts.

It is with much pleasure that I now announce the termination of this thought process regarding new technology and its benevolent use with concern to the TV coverage of our sports events.

One of the quintessential maladies of the sport today is the question of how to infiltrate the audience, i.e. the domestic TV viewer at home, with the necessary information to make them understand the results and the goings on on the ice and digest them favourably.

Many followers of the sport, however, devout as they may be, will not grasp certain outcomes of big or smaller championships  due to their lack of the necessary numerical information and ideas of the proceedings of the system.

In the past, I would have encouraged them to carefully read the event protocols to get an idea of what really transpired on the ice and for which reason. To my chagrin this did not have the fruitful ramifications that I hoped for. As a governing official it is especially these devoted followers of the sport that I intend to help with our newest evolution.

Luckily, we live in a modern time and with the advent of new technology we can now aim for a better path of providing the doctrination of the audience. Over the past months I have been working on it and after much cogitation from all angles came up with the future gold standard of figure skating broadcasting.

It is our plan to soon provide all and total information to the viewer at home. With new screen and computer techniques, we will transmit this data in real time, incorporated in an audio-visual package that will help people develop an understanding of the system and facilitate a proper conditioning of the audience.

Naturally, it is our aim to only show this data on the screen in a way that doesn't interfere with the exposition of the skater and the images of the event, thus creating a perfect unison of information and performance.

We forcefully encourage you to watch the sample broadcast below to get an impression of the new audience friendly conditions of our figure skating broadcasts. Performances will now be more enjoyable than ever and surely contribute to rising numbers in spectators and monetary revenue.

The near-future of skating coverage.

Y. Speed

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