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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

From the Desk of Mr. Y. Speed - Secret Memo

Memo to all Members
- concerning my new secret official directive to be implemented by every member

It is the time of the year to go into contemplating what can be done to further administer the best to our sport. Let me say that I will deliver the most important ideas in my upcoming new year's address. In this memo, however, I will address a minor yet very important point that will influence and benefit the sport on all levels.

It is without any doubt a well known crucial fact and old proverbial saying in every area of sports and entertainment to contemplate that no business is like the show business. There is no denying that music is an essential part of said show business to a very high degree, to which everyone would agree in a heartbeat.

Let me go further to explain the issue at hand, elaborating on the matters that pertain to our sports of a more subjective nature: the figure skating disciplines. A simple observance by the most passing audience of a figure skating event would expose that the music of the right kind can amplify the experience and in due course of the matter improve the product created for the purpose of television entertainment.

What comes to mind without much thinking in the idea of grand performances and worthwhile viewership is only a logical chain of thought to follow. In essence we are confronted with the utmost importance regarding the new introduction of possible secret requirements of members to make use of certain music in every season to a minimum of one skater/couple from each member nation. What am I talking about in great detail?

The popularity of certain composers of perennial favouritism by my own distinguished self, namely the  musician by the name of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is by virtue of his uplifting endeavours into the realm of the musical that he enables for me the possibility to attend figure skating events over a prolonged period of time in the first place and even remain seated in an orderly fashion and in the best of spirits throughout.

Any objective consideration of the facts can only lead to the conclusion that the application exists to the worldwide audience. There are also some other well known composers that have similar effects on the spirits and I have been in contact with many renowned coaches and choreographers over the years to already assure the use of certain pieces of music time and again and as much as possible.

Adhering to the quest to improve audience attendance and television ratings, it is in that spirit that I invoke this secret official directive to ask every member to assign a piece of said musician to a minimum of one skater/couple each season, ascertaining a constant level of appropriate music benefiting the vital purposes in the organization of the matter.

Y. Speed

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