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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Introducing: The LETDOWN-O-METER

A lot of things determine how enjoyable and satisfying the Olympics are. Performances and results being the major factors here. However, it's not all about your own favourites winning, or performing and placing well, it's also about not being totally at odds with all the overall results no matter what happens. And then there are those worst case scenarios that just can't ever be undone...

Let's have a look at the my Vancouver experience to explain what I mean.

The only good and satisfying event was the Ladies. The podium was full of good and deserving skaters, and even beyond the first three there were a number of great and commendable, even enjoyable performances. It also helped that I didn't have a really big stake in the outcome. I had not special favourites among the Ladies the way I was invested in the Men. More on that later.

Dance was not too bad in the way that the results didn't come as a surprise at all and my favourites didn't have a chance to reach the podium anyway. Pairs was one of the big disappointments. Not only did S/S miss the gold, they even missed the silver. At least they got away with the bronze, so it's not a worst case scenario, also Shen and Zhao are great skaters, whom I don't mind being OGMs.

Then came the Mens event. Not only did all of my numerous favourites bomb majorly. Or some were shafted in the PCS department where others were over scored. Not only that, but not even the guy whom I didn't really prefer for OGM before the games could manage to beat the guy I preferred least of them all. From beginning to end, this event was a total worst case scenario and includes the worst night I have ever spent watching figure skating.

So all in all, Vancouver was a scoring pretty big (i.e. low) on the LETDOWN-O-METER, which I hereby introduce as the new device to measure and signal my personal Olympic satisfaction, or lack thereof.

For the next few weeks, I welcome you all to have a look at the daily state of things, as SFT reports on the Sochi Winter Games.

The post Olympic Olympics are all about redemption and a great come back. Bring it on!

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  1. Today's FS should probably push Lysacek up into the yellow zone.