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Monday, February 10, 2014

Post Team Event Thoughts

The team event is over, the medals have just been awarded. What remains are very mixed feelings, with a sizebable quantum of skating fatigue starting to kick in.

Much as expected, the medals went to the big three contenders, and the final standings mirrored those after the short program. The event didn't really create any suspense with regard to the placements. The fight between Japan and France for the Finals was probably the most interesting part but was quickly losing in tension when James/Cipres kinda bombed and Amodio skated well but only came in 5th.

Does that count towards the silver curse? I guess not.
It has been suggested to assign the free skate points differently, having 2 point increments instead of only a one point difference between the placements. That sounds pretty reasonable and would be an improvement to the current format. My preferred solution, however, would be to have all teams skate the "finals". This not only balances out the points problem, it's allows the teams some more tactical freedom and makes the event a whole lot livelier. The free skate events with only 5 performances just felt redundant and of little importance.

Although the podium was my preferred outcome, I still feel a little letdown by this event. On the plus side there were some good performances. You get lots of skating. There was the cow bell. A gold medal for Evgeni. Medals for almost everyone, actually. That's a good thing, I guess.

Oh look, there's Evgeni, how cool!
Then there were overscores, a totally predictable outcome, an anti climatic competition format. Too much skating. Boring performances, and lots and lots of medallists, no wait, that was a good thing, I guess.

Well, on the morrow, we have the Pairs SP scheduled. The Pink Panther has been elevated to short program status, while "When Winter Comes" will make its return with a Gala appearance, probably to not totally frustrate André Rieu with another total cut of his creative contributions.

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