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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Team Free - Plushenko wins the Men

Jason Brown, one of the few enjoyable things about the Men's.
This post gives me the opportunity to say something, I have been contemplating to say for quite some time:

I know, I have complained a couple of times in the past, but how the times have changed almost made me feel bad about it, so let me state officially: Canada is not the worst offender, when it comes to overscoring, not by far, it might still be in the top three, but it has found its equal in Japan and its superior in Russia, the latter showing at the last Cup of Russia in the Pairs how real inflation has to look.

The Quad was great.

Today, the Men segment continued that fine tradition. As much as I want Plush to do well (I looked forward to enjoying a great performance by him and earn a top score on that basis), and am also rooting for a Russian Team Gold, but today was a bit too much. It's one thing to overly reward clean performances, like maybe in Ladies or Pairs, but when a performance is lacking, the overscoring becomes all too obvious.

Notwithstanding that this is probably the most bland choreography (apparently by Lori Nichol) Kevin Reynolds was given in along time, (he's has had a number of much better programs, over the last few years, like Chambermaid Swing or Johann Strauss) but why did this guy, who landed his 3 quads clean, place 2nd today?  Plush doubled two triples, bobbled through his triple axel combo with only one GOE being -1, there also was only one double axel instead of the sequence.

Kevin Reynold, 3 Quads.
While I'm ok giving him higher PCS to some degree, especially compared to much lesser performers like Reynolds or Machida, a whopping 8 points over Reynolds to just allow him to jump into the lead by a hair is simply too much. Sentimental favouritism and everything, but Reynolds can justly consider himself the moral winner of this segment, though I doubt that'll make him feel any better. The Olympic Silver might though. :)

I hope Plushenko will skate in the Singles event and show that he is capable of earning a great score with an equally great performance.

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