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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From the Desk of Mr. Y. Speed: Suggested Reading

Dear members,

as is common knowledge, I devote extended periods of my time to surfing the information super highways. This I do in order to broaden my horizon and find inspiration for my labours in sport administration. I cannot say how delighted I was, when I discovered a certain publication from a governing body that features each issue a great editorial piece by a fellow administrator.

Upon reading, I immediately recognised him to be a kindred spirit. From the way he administers his sport, one can tell he is always working hard to implement progress and develop the future in all disciplines.

You can access current and back issues here:

Be sure to everytime read the enlightening editorial pieces. It will help you comprehend how the minds of people in sports administration work.

I myself already am inspired by several of the ideas that I've read about, and surely with the further percolation of said ideas in my head, it will lead to astonishing new developments in the future.

With the kindest regards

Y. Speed

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