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Friday, February 8, 2013

An Open Letter to Jeffrey Buttle from his Fangirl

Dear Mr Buttle,

When I first laid eyes upon you, it was sometime in 2006. I am ashamed to say I didn't even really notice you before that. I was too involved in my love for Plushenko/Lambiel/Joubert. You won the bronze in 2006 games. I said meh.. Then you went on to win the gold at worlds in 2008, over my favourite at the time no less. I said more than meh but I will not utter those words here. Overall, I was pretty much indifferent to you as a skater. Sure, you had lovely skating skills and some interesting stuff but I was not sold at all.

Nice but still meh..

Then you retired after  the 2008 worlds. To be honest, I didn't feel too bad about that. I figured I probably won't come across your work much after that. I was ok with it.

Then you started working on shows. First, I said meh.. Then you kept on working in shows. I tried to say meh but I was getting more and more unconvinced with my indifference. I was becoming a fan.

Meh? Not so much.. In fact, quite yay!!!!
But the breakthrough really came when your choreographic work really started to resurface in the competitive arena.

You see Mr Buttle, I was getting bored out of my mind with the generic choreographic works of Wilson or Nichol, not to mention the atrocities of Morozov. First I really noticed this wonderful little gem from Jeremy Ten:
You used my favourite dramatic music, Mr Buttle! Could you be a genius?

Then, just when I was complaining that I could never get behind a programme of Chan, I saw this. I confess, I didn't know at first it was your work. I just thought, this surely can't be a Nichol programme!

Yes, yes, yes

This same year, you also took Hanyu and turned him into a new "Daisuke-like" performer. Sure, the kid is a miracle but this programme took his skating to a new level. I'm betting this is going to be the programme that really made him a star. At first I hated everything about this number, the music cut, Hanyu's new sensual moves but boy, am I sold now!

Hanyu has arrived..

But for me, the icing of the cake came today at Four Continents. I saw Nan Song's SP, I didn't see it before. I like Nan Song but he was/is not a natural performer. In fact, so far he has shown a very limited range. But you did this for him, using such an unconventional music choice including a Turkish folk piece. Can I just say, you are brilliant!

Unfortunately 4CC version is not up yet, so this will have to do.

So, dear Mr Buttle, please her my plea and never stop choreographing!

With love,
Your newest fan-girl

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