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Monday, November 26, 2012

Way to Spin, Ladies & Gentleman

Now that's what I call a great sit spin position, there's no fake sitting here.

Granted, I was never a fan of spinning, in fact I mostly didn't pay much attention to it. Until the man in the picture came along and changed it all for me..

Lambiel 2010 Gala

I dont know why it was Lambiel's spins that made me a "spinaholic" when in fact there were quite a few great spinners before him. Maybe it was the fact that the best spinners were unfortunately not the best jumpers and hence have never risen so high in the ranks. But, ever since I became a spin fan, I never stopped searching the best spins ever.. Here is a list of my favourites, in no specific order:

1) Lambiel 2007 Worlds Final Combo Spin

This spin is probably my favourite spin ever. Maybe it is not the best ever in terms of centering or speed but the timing of the final upright spin with the music crescendo is so incredible, I find myself getting goosebumps every time I watch it.

2) Lipnitskaya 2012 TEB Combo and Layback Spins 

The first time I saw these spins, I fell off my chair. Talk about insane flexibility!  Sasha Cohen called and she wants her signature I-spin back!

3) Czisny 2011 TEB Combo and Layback Spins

Czisny's speed and centering is almost as good every time. I especially love how she never loses speed when she is changing positions (not edges).

4) Krieg 1994 Olympics Combination Spin

Krieg was an amazing spinner, has great centering, wonderful speed and interesting positions throughout. Where was she from again? Oh, of course.. Switzerland.. Where else!

5) Ruh 1999 Worlds

I don't think I can pick a single spin among the five wonderful spins in this programme. For me, what makes her spins so delightful is not the incredible centering or the speed but the variations and wonderful nuances she created in these spins highlighting the music she was skating to. This is what spinning to music looks like.

6) Vorobieva 1998 Worlds Combo Spin

Another great example of a somewhat obscure skater with beatiful spins.

7) Zhang and the Pearl

Last but not least, a tribute to Zhang's beautiful Pearl Spin


  1. Great choices! Stephane Lambiel's final spin in Poeta is also my favorite spin ever. It blew me away the first time I saw it years ago and I too still get the goosebumps when I watch it now even after viewing the program 91815011814 times.

    One of my favorite spins that isn't on your list is Sasha Cohen's layback in her 2002 Olympics SP. It's not the most difficult nor the most dazzling layback ever, but it's simple and beautiful and reminds me of what we've lost under CoP.

    1. Thank you for reading.. I love your blog and it is one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging myself.

      I actually thought about Cohen long and hard while making the list but I simply couldn't decide which one of her spins to put on the list. That's why I went with an honourable mention instead.