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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Introducing: Grays Sports Almanac 2000-2050

"Grays Sports Almanac 2000-2050" will be our recurring column for previewing and, more importantly, accurately predicting upcoming events from the world of figure skating. With a little help from this book, which btw. came into our possession under quite mysterious circumstances, we'll be able to foretell any result in any segment with 100% accuracy. Unfortunately, divulging this information here may cause a divergence from the original timeline, which may prevent our predictions from coming true in the first place. However, as we don't give a rusty hoot about the time-space continuum, we'll gladly indulge in entertaining you with what at least very well might have been. And before anyone asks, the almanac is neither for sale nor for loan. We gave it away once, roughly three years ago, and still regret it.

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