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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Olympics, Day -1

The opening ceremony may not have taken place yet, but the first day of Olympic competition is in the books and went more or less as expected:

GB's Matthew Parr became the first skater to compete and the first one to be done in Sochi. It is hopefully a sign of things to come that Parr skated quite well and scored a new PB by some way.

On to the actual contenders in the men's event: Yuzuru Hanyu was Yuzuru Hanyu (the score was surprisingly muted for an Olympics - no 100s yet), Evgeni Plushenko and his bionic body landed everything, Patrick Chan was off-form, Jeremy Abbott succumbed to nerves and Florent Amodio wore a low cut top.

Over in the pairs, Volosozhar and Trankov were predictably good and received a predictable massive score - Team Russia have to be overwhelming favorites for the gold at this point. Duhamel and Radford looked great, with the exception of Meagan's unfortunate hair. Peng and Zhang did what Chinese pairs do: kick ass. The Italians were really good and the French, alas, were not.

Team spirit in the Kiss and Cry can't rival that of the World Team Trophy (not enough props), but Russian, Japan, Canada and Italy certainly gave it a good shot. I especially enjoyed the cuteness of Team Japan and the special appearance of the Russian legends (not you, N. Morozov) following Volosozhar and Trankov's SP. If only Italy had thought to do the same and bring in Barbara Fusar-Poli for some entertainment!

We all know that actual videos won't last three seconds on Youtube.

So, who will make it to the final? Who will win medals? We'll all be wiser on Saturday...

Happy Olympics, everyone!

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