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Monday, February 17, 2014

Olympic ladies event: dream podium candidates

I cannot be expected to deal with the ice dance results. I don't care if these were Bolero Test level performances, I wanted a different podium and I am not pleased. So let's move on to a potentially happier subject: the ladies! The nice things about the ladies are 1. they are not in a technical race like the men, so the events tend to be less messy 2. this means that they also have the opportunity to develop an individual style 3. many of the top ladies are veteran competitors, which I always approve 4. I like so many of them that there is bound to be something to be happy about...

I've written before about two favorites, Akiko Suzuki and Mao Asada. That Yuna Kim is awesome is, of course, obvious, and not just to me - our most popular post remains the one featuring a great performance by her. Who else?

Ashley Wagner: Wagner has sass and personality, she attacks her programs, she speaks her mind and expects a lot of herself. She did not get much love from the panel in the team event, but did get enough to help Team USA to win a bronze. She is all sorts of awesome.

Carolina Kostner: my longest-tenured favorite still competing, I first noticed Kostner at the 2003 Europeans, her first appearance at an event that she would go on to win five times. Her skating skills, unique programs, and amazing range as a performer have been great to watch and to see her become a consistent medal winner in recent years has been great. I've seen Kostner live more than once, and she is incredible. I hope that her third Olympics will prove the charm.

Just one example of Carolina Kostner being amazing

Valentina Marchei: A second generation Olympian whose father competed in the marathon, Marchei made her Olympic debut in the team event, aged 27. She won't finish on the podium, but I'd love to see her skate well. She has really nice programs this season.

Who else would I like to see do well? Kaetlyn Osmond, Kanako Murakami, Adelina Sotnikova (who should have gotten a shot at the Russian team gold), Anne Line Gjersem and Mae Berenice Meite all come to mind. But really, just about all of them!

Go out there and be amazing, ladies. 

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