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Friday, November 8, 2013

Ladiezzzz no more

Three and a half events into the Grand Prix season, and I can now say with some confidence that ladies really has become my favorite discipline in skating. Like many fans, I used to refer to ladiezzzz events, make fun of the tinkly piano/screechy violin programs (of which there are still too many), and generally found just about everything else more exciting to watch. But no more!

The current field is exciting and sometime unpredictable, with skaters who bring diverse styles and approaches to the ice, and can be very enjoyable to watch. There were some wonderful performances at the NHK Trophy today, just as there were good ones in the earlier events (Well, maybe not so much at the Cup of China). My dream podium will be quite crowded by the time of the Olympics.

A few of the better GP skates, some by dream podium skaters:


Now if only Carolina Kostner could bring back her 2011 or 2012 LP...

And of course, this guy wasn't too shabby today, either ;)

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