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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Verner returns home

Actually, it's not quite home, but Tomáš Verner tells PJ Kwong that he is returning to Oberstdorf and coach Michael Huth for his final Olympic season.

Like training mate Carolina Kostner, Verner left Oberstdorf after some disappointing showings - Kostner moved to the USA in 2009, Verner to Canada in 2010 - but eventually elected to return to Huth. While the move to Canada initially paid off for him with some good results in 2010-11, the past two seasons have gone badly for him, culminating in a 21st place finish at 2013 Worlds, well beneath what he is capable of if he were to skate well.

Kostner has not finished off the podium at any competition since returning to Oberstdorf in the summer of 2010, adding two European championships and a world title to her résumé. While a similar level of success seems unlikely for Verner, hopefully this will prove to be the right choice for him. 

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