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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A change of direction for Florent Amodio

Florent Amodio has parted ways (French-language article) with Nikolai Morozov and is training temporarily with Katia Krier until he can find a more permanent coaching arrangement (or maybe he can just stay with Krier?). While this sort of upheaval going into an Olympic season is far from ideal, the Amodio-Morozov collaboration had little to recommend it, so this should be considered a positive development. I am hopeful that Amodio will be as successful as he was under Morozov - only with vastly more appealing programs.

Like this:

As per the article, Amodio's new free skate will be to the Louis Armstrong version of La Vie En Rose - presumably without lyrics, though who knows what he might do?

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