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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Outside the box

By now, several skaters and coaches have announced music choices for the upcoming season, ranging from the predictable (Chock/Bates, Les Miserables) to the somewhat less so (Scimeca/Knierim, Ever After) to the truly original (Eric Radford composed the music for one of the programs he will skate with Meagan Duhamel!). Of course, there will also be some recycling thrown in for good measure (Patrick Chan will stick with his successful Elegie SP, while Brian Joubert is keeping his Gladiator LP). With the stakes so high, skaters often play it safe with their Olympic season music selections, opting for pieces that both judges and audiences are likely to appreciate. Yet we still see some skaters take a different approach, which is to be applauded. Here are some of the more original and memorable programs from the previous Olympic season:

Meryl Davis and Charlie White, Indian (Bollywood?) original dance: here at SFT, none of us are fans of the current world champions, but all credit is due for their entertaining and truly original folk dance from the 2009-10 season. Though I still liked Virtue/Moir's Flamenco better.

Adrian Schultheiss, Teardrop/Insane in the Brain/Smack My Bitch Up/etc: I've already written about my love for this clearly unique program. I so hope that Schultheiss will indeed be able to compete next season.

Yuna Kim, Bond medley SP: it's not that skating to Bond music is groundbreaking, but it was a departure for Kim, and is also a far less common music choice among ladies. I thought it was really enjoyable.

Florent Amodio's LP: before going over to the Dark Side Morozov, Amodio skated this charming program (and a more serious, but beautifully performed short to the Munich soundtrack). At Skate America, he even managed to work a fall into the choreography, as though it had been planned all along...

Team Japan SPs for the win: Takahashi skated to Eye by COBA, choreographed by the awesome Kenji Miyamoto, while Takahiko Kozuka went with Jimi Hendrix. Well played, guys.


I hope that more skaters will follow these examples, as well as Duhamel/Radford's lead, and try to do something special next year (and not just of the "my interpretation of Carmen/Swan Lake/Rach 2 will be special!" variety).


  1. Oh yes, the last Olympics! Adrian skated so well there & was placed on my personal mens podium (along with Dai & Johnny)! Flo was so promising then (sigh deeply) & the Japanese boys were great. Sheena

  2. For me, once one ignores some of the unfortunate results and performances in the men's competition, there was a lot of very enjoyable skating in Vancouver (and one month later in Torino, too). I hope Sochi will have some equally good skating, and that my favorites can go out on a high note...