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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The best competition of the year

Scott Moir may not be a fan, but it's clear that the World Team Trophy, which begins tomorrow, is the funnest event of the season. The skaters seem to enjoy it, too, with all sorts of creative and entertaining antics in the team Kiss and Cry areas. Please let it be so at the Olympics as well!

A reminder of the greatness of the WTT

The WTT only awards team medals, along with some hefty prize money for all participants and gifts for the top three in each discipline. Last year, the podium consisted of Japan, the USA and Canada (in a tie-breaker over France), Team France won a well-deserved team spirit award, and Daisuke Takahashi had a kickass competition, culminating in a mass celebration of the Japanese, American, French and Italian skaters while he awaited his free skating marks.

This year's qualifiers are Canada, Russia, Japan, USA, France and China. Although most of the top dance teams are sitting this one out, there are still several past and present world medalists on the rosters in the other disciplines, including Volosozhar/Trankov in their WTT debut. Hopefully, Team France will be able to come up with creative ideas on par with last season's Amodio kidnapping, Bullet Time reenactment and Mummy pyramid.

And a reminder of the greatness of Team France 

The World Team Trophy can be watched online via the ISU's skating channel

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