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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Expect the unexpected - and then some

We all know that ice is slippery, that no result is guaranteed, and that even with PCS and GOEs often used to prop up favorites, there can be some surprising results. But what happened today in Osaka really does take the cake.

This actually happened. 

Congratulations to Kevin Reynolds, your 2013 Four Continents champion - who really did deliver a strong performance today (not as strong as the score suggests, but very good nonetheless). Also to Han Yan, who was able to hold on to a medal in his senior championship debut. I don't think Yuzuru Hanyu will be very pleased with his skating in the LP, but at least he managed a silver - which is considerably more than can be said for Daisuke Takahashi. Will the very unexpected results affect the skaters, and thus the outcome, in London (the Ontario one) next month? How does all this set up the guys for next season? Is global warming the culprit? Will the apocalypse - zombie or otherwise - soon be upon us?

Also, Mao landed her 3A and skated a fabulous SP! This certainly calls for a celebration.


  1. I can cope with Kevin Reynolds being a 4CC Champion.

    But I don't think I can cope with Kevin Reynolds being a World Champion.

    It shouldn't happen. It won't happen. But I'm afraid. Very afraid.

  2. The very thought is terrifying... a surprise bronze like Lindemann's (with a good performance, as was the case then) would be acceptable, but not the actual title. Still, I don't think Skate Canada is ready to sacrifice Patrick Chan quite so soon, so I guess we're safe until after Sochi. And it's worth remembering that several skaters, including the European champion, have outscored him this season (Amodio's Euros score is quite close as well).

    Someone needs to stage an intervention with Takahashi. This cannot be allowed to continue.