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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A very deserving European champion

Javier Fernandez, 2007:

2007 Worlds; I couldn't find one from his Euros debut 

Javier Fernandez, 2008 Europeans:

Javier Fernandez, today:

Fernandez's career and accomplishments are as persuasive an argument against minimum scores and other limits as I can think of. Competing against the best is so important for a skater's development, especially for those who come from countries that are not traditional skating powerhouses. If Fernandez hadn't been given the opportunity to do so back when he couldn't even qualify out of the SP - would he have made it this far?

Congratulations, Javi. This is a good thing for Spanish skating and a good thing for skating, period. I'll complain about the scoring some other time.

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