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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

For gloomy days

Sometimes a skating fan needs a reminder that skating can be good, or fun, or interesting. Maybe you need it as a distraction from a bad day, or after watching a particularly messy GP, or one too many Morozov programs. These are some of the programs and skating clips I watch when I want something happier to focus on:

Lu Chen, The Last Emperor, 1995 Worlds
Oh Lulu, I love you so.

Susanna Rahkamo/Petri Kokko, Quickstep OSP, 1995 Worlds
This is just so joyful and sparkling. 

Stephane Lambiel, Hernando's Hideaway exhibition skate at 1997 Worlds
Dying of cute.

Carolina Kostner, Canon in D at 2007 Worlds 
Most people remember Yu-Na's SP, but for me it was all about Caro. Gorgeous.

Sinead Kerr/John Kerr, Scottish OD at 2008 Worlds
Who doesn't love the Scottish OD?

Nathalie Péchalat/Fabian Bourzat, Circus at 2009 Europeans
 Great fun, and I love Nathalie's reaction at the end

Gala Finale, 2010 Worlds
Basically, this is because of Dai and Mao's entrance and excellent throw.

 Team France K&C antics, 2012 World Team Trophy
Now that's entertainment.

This doesn't mean that these are the best performances ever; that's a subject for a different post (expect Lulu to show up there as well). But sometimes, I'm looking for something fun rather than something difficult or brilliantly executed.

What are some of the skates and skating clips that cheer you up?


  1. That is a more difficult question to answer, Rose, than I would have thought. There are a number of programmes that get me emotionally involved to a very high degree. Those don't necessarily cheer me up though. I love Circus, for example, but in all its multi-faceted beauty it strikes such a number of different chords in me that in the end I wouldn't really say I'm cheerier than before.

    To accomplish that feat, I have to resort to purely uplifting programmes and sometimes even tacky and vulgar entertainment.

    Now the K&C antics above, that's great stuff, also the famous Joubert/Verner K&C from some years ago. As far as programmes go I prefer something well done but less emotionally involving: Takahashi's Mambo SP, Yagudin's Racing SP, for example.

    1. There are definitely programs that I consider compulsively (re)watchable that don't have the same effect for me as the program above. I'm always up for watching Dube/Davison's The Blowers Daughter, but it doesn't make me happier; it's not that sort of program for me. Same goes for Savchenko/Szolkowy's Out of Africa. It's kind of a fine line between what just works as a program and what actually lifts your spirits, isn't it? And very subjective, too.

      I considered the Verner/Joubert K&C stuff because that is truly classic. However, when I watch it now I can't help but think of Verner's first notable Hidden Czech skate a day or two later - the beginning of the end for him, really. So it's the opposite of cheerful.

    2. I loved the Blower's Daughter at the time. It was a shame D/D could never follow it up with equally captivating programmes.

      Verner, don't even make me go there. That K&C will remain and remind us of the happier days of fandom and I muster all my mental strength to keep it seperate and untied from the ensuing streak of not as good performances.

      Now, as you mention S/S, Pink Panther works for me in lifting spirits.