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Monday, December 17, 2012

Brian Joubert makes some changes

Today's L'Equipe is reporting that Brian Joubert, unhappy with the PCS he received for his Inception LP, has dumped the program in favor of Gladiator, which until now had been an exhibition for him this season. The choreographer is Laurie May, who has previously worked with Nathalie Péchalat and Fabian Bourzat. Joubert's coaching situation also appears somewhat unsettled, with Veronique Guyon apparently back in the picture.

Whyyyyyyy, Brian?

I am sad to see Inception go; it was not performed well at either the French Masters or TEB, but seemed promising. And while Gladiator as an exhibition served Joubert well, we all know what the inevitable comparison will be...

This had better be a really good LP.

Hat tip: La Maison de Joubert.


  1. He really shouldn't worry about PCS amymore, they will rise with consistency not with good programmes, noone is expecting complex programmes from him anyway. Even if he had them and skated them well, the difference in marks would be negligible, at least for a long long time. Isn't he and his team aware of this?, They should know by now how the business works and there were enough examples of this to behold in this year's GP season.

    Another thing that gets clear, he probably doesn't like that kind of music, "Last of the Mohicans" had a similar sound and build to it, steady texture of music, with no major highs or lows.

    But I appreciate, if I did read that right in the French article, that he did the music cuts himself or at least selected the passages. I can be a good vehicle for him if he hits his jumps.

  2. Noooooo!

    I think Inception had potential as well, and I completely agree with The Pink Tulip's comment above mine w/r/t PCS.

  3. I know! Joubert should have realized that his PCS at TEB suffered because he was off-form; I like him and the program, but anyone could see he was not at his best, plus it was the first event of the season, so still room to grow. If he was able to receive close to 40 on PCS for his SP, which is by no means IJS-friendly, and probably even more for Rise, he could have gotten well over 80 for Inception if he'd skated it well.

    I do hope he'll make Gladiator work - I know a lot of people liked it as an exhibition for him, it'll be nice if he can transfer that feeling into a competitive program.